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original scores

all music composed, performed, and recorded by matt






1.4 w Solomon Jaye  @ The Shrine 7pm NYC


1.4 w Greg Humphreys  @ Sunnys 10pm NYC


1.6 w John William Watkins  @ Rockwood Music Hall 7pm NYC


1.18 w Chris Stamey @ City Winery 7pm NYC


1.19 w Chris Stamey @ City Winery 7pm NYC


1.20 w Chris Stamey @ City Winery 7pm NYC
















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Matt Brandau is a nyc based composer and performer. He's composed and recorded original music for National Geographic, Lincoln Motors, The Gap, Kleenex and The Wall St. Journal.  

He's played bass (electric/acoustic) with Elvis Costello, Talib Kweli, Jewel, Pete Rock, SkiBeatz, DJ Premier, Murs, Camp Lo, and Branford Marsalis.  

Contact him below if interested in an original score, bass performance or bass lessons