No matter where you’re located, I can compose and record custom bass lines for your music. I have an array of vintage electric basses, acoustic basses, effects, keyboards and amplifiers that would rival most world class studios.


Custom Bassline Process

  1. Briefing: send me a recording of the song or project in need of low end. Include any reference music or guidance you may have.

  2. Composing session: usually I will compose a couple different ideas to help the artist hone the specific sound and feel they desire.

  3. Composing rework: After receiving feedback, I continue to develop the composition and send my progress for review.

  4. Feedback and finalization. Once finalized, I will deliver a high quality electronic file of the new bass line/lines. I will also include any alternate versions and clean/dirty versions to ensure plenty of options.



The final product can be delivered in as little as ONE WORKING DAY if necessary.



$200 per song.

*Packages available for multiple songs.


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