I’ve developed a portable studio that allows me to travel to my clients and compose with them in the room. This makes the initial communication process easier and helps the composition process develop quickly. In one short session we establish the core vibe and structure of a composition, and in many cases even completing it. If further work is needed I can make adjusts and add final touches on my own.

If this is not possible, I follow a more traditional method of composing ideas on my own and sending them to my client for feedback until we reach the desired results.


Portable Studio Process

  1. Briefing: project purpose, creative direction, music length, reference music, project deadlines, video and/or other visuals.

  2. Initial composing session: I travel to client’s workspace and begin composing live while receiving feedback from the client and team.

  3. Composing rework: on my own I continue to develop the composition and send my progress for review.

  4. Feedback and finalization.



Theses methods have developed for composing original music for commercials, social content, video production, film, television etc.


It provides an optimized setup for collaborating with Directors, producers, advertising agencies, marketing departments, video editors etc.



The final product can be delivered after ONE WORKING DAY.


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